Tenders for Henry


Thomas Wooden Remake. 222

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October 17 2016

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Enterprising Engine

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Tenders for Henry is the fourth episode of the tenth season.


The engines wrongly attribute Gordon's mood to boiler sludge, due to a dodgy water tower from the Mainland, but Gordon just ignores them and backs away. When Gordon tells The Fat Controller, he felt so sorry for Gordon and arranges for his brother, Flying Scotsman, to visit. Gordon felt so proud when he sees the Flying Scotsman with two tenders.

But Henry felt so jealous and grumbles that he deserves two tenders for his work. He complains to Duck and Donald that tenders are marks of distiction and Duck and Donald explains to Henry that the Flying Scotsman is famous, that he went a hundred miles of hour and that other railway doesn't have any coal and water. Henry does not believe it and then says that he works hard enough for two and that he deserves another tender for that. Duck then asks Henry whether he would like his tenders, and Henry got so confused and asks Duck what he got to do with tenders, and so Duck asks Donald. Donald felt so proud of it and says that he would deprive a great honour. Duck agrees with it too, but he tells them that he is only a tank engine. Henry then apologises to Duck and Donald for being rude, and then asks Duck how many tenders he has, and that when he could have them. Duck says that he has six, and decides to offer them to Henry in the evening. Henry felt so delighted and says that he will be a splendid sight, just like The Flying Scotsman.

After Duck gave Henry six tenders, Henry's mood soon changed because his six tenders were old and dirty and filled with boiler sludge, much to the other engines' amusement. As Henry grudgingly pulls them through the station, he is teased back by Gordon with the same insults he had used earlier.






The Railway Series - Tenders For Henry

The Railway Series - Tenders For Henry

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