The Deputation



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August 12 2011

Railway Series Book

The Twin Engines

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The Deputation is the first episode of the fourth season.


Donald and Douglas was worrying so much that The Fat Controller would send them back to Scotland, after all the bad things they have done (Donald crashing into the signal-box and Douglas destroying the Spiteful breakvan). It was a cold and snowy winter on the Island of Sodor. Most engines dislikes it, but Donald and Douglas were used to their conditions and were busy clearing away the snow from the line. Then, they soon found the snow drifts which is deeper than the rest and which has nearly buried Henry. Donald and Douglas were so surprised that they saw Henry stuck in the snow, so they promised to get him out. 

Henry was rescued and then he went back to the sheds. But Donald and Douglas felt so upset and knew that The Fat Controller will be returning soon, after destroying the signalbox after destroying a signal box and the Spiteful Brake Van between them, are worried that he will send one or possibly both of them away, which would lead to them being scrapped. The other engines agrees that Donald and Douglas both deserves to stay and decide something has to be done. However, no-one can think of what. 




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The Railway Stories - The Deputation-0

The Railway Stories - The Deputation-0

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