The Engines and The Three Horrid Lorries

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A Cranky Day (Book)

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September 4 2014

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The Engines and The Three Horrid Lorries is the second episode of the thirteenth season.


One morning, Percy arrives to the docks very late to collect his train and Cranky was very quick to criticise. But Percy started complaining that he has too much work, and Cranky has suggested that a lorry could help do his jobs. Percy felt so shocked by this. Later when he got to the sheds, Percy has told the engines all about what Cranky has said. The other engines felt so cross and tells Percy that they run the island. But Percy had a fear that a lorry would come to the Sodor.

Soon, the three lorries arrived on Sodor, and Cranky felt so delighted. One of the lorry was being very rude to Percy and calls him a steaming lump of scrap iron. Later, when Percy sees Thomas and James, he has found another lorry being very rude to them and calls Percy a little green goblin on wheels and said that he will be scrapped. Thomas and James felt very cross and thinks that it is a very horrid lorry. At the quarry, Toby sees another lorry that thells him that he belongs in a museum and tells him to toodle off. Toby's driver warns him to ignore the lorry and they proceed to the flour mill. But when they arrived at the flour mill, Toby felt so shocked to see yet another lorry, who tells Toby that they are doing his jobs now, because Toby is slow. The foreman tells Toby's driver that he is sorry for Toby's replacement but the times were changing. Toby's driver then tells him they can head to the farms.



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