The Fat Controller's Engines



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November 25 2013

Railway Series Book

The Eight Famous Engines

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The Fat Controller's Engines is the ninth episode of the tenth season.


One evening, after taking the last train of the day, Thomas stops at the station for a drink and meets up with Percy and it turns out that all three engines have been asked to report to the big station after the day's work is done. Thomas thought that something must be happening and was surprised to see Jinty, Pug and the other tank engines from the Other Railway all travelling past and heading straight to the station. Thomas, Percy and Toby are now very curious and will be able to follow the others to the Big Station at the end of the line where all the engines had gone.

After all the engines reached the Tidmouth Sheds, The Fat Controller told them all about that how the people of England reads about his engines in the books but does not think that we are real shame. So, he told the engines from the other railway that he is taking his engines to England to show them those people. Then engines blew their whistles very excitedly, promoting Sir Topham Hatt to command them to be quiet. He then told his engines that they will start the day after tomorrow at 8 am and as the engines from the other railway came to Sodor, they will all be running the line.

Jinty is due to take charge of Thomas's branchline, and as Annie and Clarabel will be going with Thomas to England, Thomas shows Jinty what to do using the other coaches. Thomas is getting more and more excited as he boasts about his race with Bertie however, then he suddenly made a very big mistake when he tries to show off; he crashed through some buffers, rolls down the hill and smashes through a brick wall. No one is hurt, but Thomas' front is damaged from the impact.

The Fat Controller has got a phone call and sent some workmen to repair Thomas but warns that if they don't get finished in time they'll have to go to England without him.



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The Fat Controller's Engines (re-upload)

The Fat Controller's Engines (re-upload)

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