The Jet Engine

Release Date

October 1 2014

Railway Series Book

The Sense of High Speed

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The Jet Engine is the sixth episode of the thirteenth season.


Gordon was a very proud steam engine, because he likes to go faster than any other engines of Sodor. When he got back to the station, his driver says that he has broken the record again. Gordon boasts that he is the fastest engine when hen then realised that The Fat Controller has given Thomas a job of delivering the jet engine to Dryaw. Thomas was very happy about this, because he wishes he could go faster like Gordon.

When Thomas arrived at the docks, he was very excited to see the jet engine, which Cranky was unloading. The jet engine was shiny and modern and Thomas has never seen an engine like it. He was ready to start the journey, but Cranky was taking his time. Thomas was so impatient and tells Cranky to hurry up and Cranky gets very cross because he does not like being told what to do by an engine. Suddenly, Cranky carelessly turned on the jet engine with his hook and the jet engine started off with the fuel and is soon rocketing Thomas along the track. Thomas speeds along the track very fast and his driver tries to put on the brakes. But Thomas couldn't stop. The stationmaster phoned the signalman and tells him that Thomas is speeding very fast with the jet engine.

The signals were changed and the points were switched for the runaway Thomas, who was very excited as he flew by James, Henry and Percy who were very amazed. When Bertie came to the level crossing, he stood in front of the gates seeing Thomas speed by with the jet engine. When Bertie asks Thomas about the race, Thomas whooses past him. Gordon, who is pulling the express was unaware that Thomas is racing on the main line. He felt very surprised when Thomas speed past him.

After that, the jet engine ran out of fuel and Thomas was back on his normal speed. Then, he steamed carefully back to Knapford Station where Gordon and the other engines were waiting. Thomas teases Gordon that he is the fastest engine of Sodor, and Henry and James agreed. But Percy felt sorry for Gordon and tells the engines that he doesn't have to go as fast as a jet engine because he is a steam engine, even though James says that Gordon is full of hot air. Gordon just said nothing and fumed away.




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