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August 8 2011

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The Runaway is the tenth episode of the third season.

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Thomas woke up feeling ill and the workmen were unable to make him feel better, and so The Fat Controller brought Edward to take Thomas to the works for a while.Sir Topham Hatt comes to tell Duck to help Percy and Toby while Thomas is away.Duck is delighted and already knows Percy and makes friends with Toby and Bertie.Terence gives Duck a big welcome and befriends him to take care of the coaches.Duck is very gentle with them and Annie and Clarabel are impressed and tell each other about the nice manners and they think it is a pleasure to go out.Next day,when Thomas comes back,Annie and Clarabel are pleased to see him again and tell Thomas how well Duck had managed with them and Thomas soon forgets to be jealous.Thomas’s brakes are on but they aren’t and Thomas sometimes overshoots the platform which can be very dangerous and he always remembers to slow down.One day,his fireman is ill and a relief man takes his place.As Thomas backs up to his coaches,the fireman fastens the coupling and joins the crew to wait for Henry’s train and forgets about the handbrake.As Thomas sees Henry approaching,he starts to move and tries to stop and whistle a warning,but he runs out leaving everybody stranded on the platform.Annie and Clarabel shriek at Thomas to stop but he keeps on going and the signalman sends the alarm down the line.Harold is ready for action and the inspector climbs in and they take off into the sky.Thomas is tired and realizes that he has to stop and when he reaches the next station,Harold lands.Thomas slows down and waits for the inspector and scrambles into the cab and screws the brake hard.Thomas finally stops and he is relieved that he finally stopped.Harold tells Thomas to think about nothing and he is glad to be of any service.The inspector tells Thomas that it must not happen again.Thomas agrees with him.


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The Railway Series - The Runaway (thebladzmanII Re-Upload)

The Railway Series - The Runaway (thebladzmanII Re-Upload)

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