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The Spiteful Brakevan's Revenge is the 13th episode of the 28th season.


In the Goods yard , The Spiteful Brakevan was complaing about years ago at Douglas had smashed him into pieces ,

Later Emily came in to collect some trucks and She saw The Spiteful Brakevan and She puffed out of the goods yards and then Duck came in to collect some trucks and was coupled up the Spiteful Brakevan and set off up gordon,s hill and trucks played tricks on him and The Spiteful Brakevan thought it was funny and He laughed at Duck when he came off the rails and crashed into a garden hut and his driver rang for help , Soon Murdoch arrived with the Breakdown Train and lifted him back onto the rails and brought him to the works and Victor had him repaired soon Emily came to take the trucks and the spiteful brakevan away and they played tricks on her and She stopped at Wellsworth and She was uncoupled from the trucks and switched tracks and She was coupled up the Spiteful Brakevan and uncoupled him from the trucks and brought him into a siding and was uncoupled from him and She reversed and run into him and bumped him very hard , then He smashed into pieces and then Murdoch arrived with breakdown train to clear up the mess and take the spiteful brakevan to the scrapyards and bring the breakdown train back to the goods yard along with the express coaches and trucks and Oliver arrived to take the trucks away and The Fat Controller scolded the Trucks and the Spiteful Brakevan before sending him to the scrapyards , later Oliver took the trucks away , later that night Duck came home and told Oliver about his day until Emily came in to sleep with them and they were delighted to see her and They slept toghether .


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