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Thomas Wooden Remake. 222

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December 19 2016

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Thomas, Percy and the Coal is the first episode of the eleventh season.


It was a very beautiful morning on the Island of Sodor and Thomas claims to keep his smart blue paint clean, so that it sparkles in the sunshine. He brags to Percy and Toby about it. Percy and Toby likes to be their own colours, but Thomas gets insulted and says that blue is the only proper colour for a really useful engine like him.

Later on that same day, Thomas was resting in the siding and Percy was working with the trucks. The large hopper was loading the trucks full of coal. Thomas became very cheeky and warns Percy to be careful of the unsafe buffers behind him. But the trucks became very careless and pushed Percy to the buffers. Then, the last load of coal buried Thomas and covered his smart blue paint. Percy thinks it was very funny and Thomas blamed on Percy for making his blue paint dirty on purpose. It took so long to clean Thomas that he wasn't ready, so Toby took Annie and Clarabel, who were feeling most upset.

That night, Thomas got very cross with Percy; he thought Percy has caused his accident on purpose. Percy got so mad at Thomas for thinking so, and in top of that Toby became so pleased and thought it was a great joke.

The next morning, Thomas became cheerful as he saw Percy bring the trucks from the junction. The trucks were heavy and Percy felt so tired. So Percy decided to have a drink of water and he heads off to the water tower. At that siding, there was an unsafe buffer and Percy found out that he couldn't stop. He crashed into the buffers and he was wheel-deeped in the coal. The signal has turned green and Thomas left the station. He has seen everything.

That night, Thomas and Percy apologized. They forgave each other for arguing about the accident on coal and remember to be careful in future.




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The Railway Series - Thomas, Percy And The Coal (RWS TV REMAKES)

The Railway Series - Thomas, Percy And The Coal (RWS TV REMAKES)

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