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December 5 2013

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Branchline Engines

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Thomas Comes to Breakfast is the eleventh episode of the tenth season.


Thomas's driver was joking with him that he could run his branchline without him. Thomas doesn't realise that his driver was only joking. He became very conceited. Later on, he brags to Toby and Percy about it. Toby and Percy doesn't care because they think Thomas needs a driver, but to no avail.

The next day, the firelighters came to start up the engine's fire. Thomas woke up very comfortably, as his warmth spread through is boiler, but Toby and Percy was still sleeping. Thomas has suddenly remembered what his driver has said and decided that he could manage alone by running alone, and then stopping and wheesing in front of Percy and Toby. Thomas started moving slowly out of the sheds and along the track, without realising that he only moving due to a carless cleaner that are messing with his control. He tries to stop and wheesh, but he couldn't, because he keeps moving along the main line without his crew to shut off steam and apply his brakes. Suddenly, Thomas saw the Stationamster's house at the end of the track, where the stationmaster and his family were having breakfast. Thomas crashed through the end buffers, the fence, the bush and the front window leaving him peering into the dining room at the family. The house rocks and shattered plaster and glass fell everywhere. Thomas has also collected the bush as he went into the room and couldn't speak. The stationmaster and his wife were both very angry at Thomas for crashing their house and ruining the breakfast. The stationmaster's wife then went back to the kitchen to make more breakfast, and so she bangs the door angrily, causing more plaster to fall all over Thomas. He felt so depressed.

The workmen came to mend the house with strong poles and lay rails through the garden, and Donald and Douglas came to the rescue and pulled Thomas out of the stationmaster's house and back on the rail. After Thomas was free, he brings pieces of fence, bush and window frame with him and his front is left badly damaged. The twins laughed and left, and Thomas was in disgrace and feeling very miserable.

Back at the sheds, The Fat Controller scolded Thomas severley for his reckless conduct, and sends him to the works for a long repair. As a result, The Fat Controller has arranged a diesel-railcar to run his branch line, which makes Thomas feel so horrified and think that he will be replaced by a diesel. The Fat Controller, then informs Thomas that diesels always stay in the sheds unless wanted and never crash into stationmasters' houses for breakfast.



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The Railway Stories - Thomas Comes to Breakfast

The Railway Stories - Thomas Comes to Breakfast

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