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July 14 2012

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Tank Engine Thomas Again

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Thomas and Bertie is the eighth episode of the sixth season.


Thomas was waiting at a junction when a bus came driving alongside him. The bus introduced himself as Bertie, who has remembered Thomas from the time he took his passengers home, just after Thomas had an accident in the snowdrift and tells Thomas that he is going to help him with the passengers today. Thomas got very cross and claims that he could go faster than Bertie. Bertie decided to have a race and so their drivers agreed. When the race started, Thomas could not go faster at first, so Bertie quickly drew in front.

Thomas was running along the line very well, but Annie and Clarabel became very anxious that he couldn't go fast and Bertie is a long way ahead. When Thomas passed Bertie at level crossing, he lead the race and took over Bertie and after that, the road leads the railway. Then, Thomas stops at the next station to collect some passengers. He tells them to get in quickly and starts off again. Thomas saw Bertie zooming over the bridge and taking the lead. Thomas tries hard to catch up, but he had to stop at the next station. Thomas was sure that he would loose the race, but he felt better after a drink. Then James rattles by with the goods train to show that the line was clear and now they were off again.

As Thomas rumbles over the bridge, he sees Bertie waiting at the traffic lights. When the traffic light was green, Bertie started with the roar and chased on after Thomas. When Bertie and Thomas reaches the valley which has the road and the railway running up side by side, Thomas speeds into the tunnel to leave Bertie toiling far behind. Then Thomas made it to the last station and won the race. Everyone celebrates Thomas's victory and gave Bertie a big welcome too. Bertie felt pleased with Thomas and congradulates him for winning the race. He also tells Thomas that to beat him over the hill, he would have to grow wings and be an aeroplane.

The two friends often talks about their race, but Bertie's passengers does not like being bounced like peas in a frying pan and Sir Topham Hatt warns Thomas not to race at an unsafe speed. Although it doesn't seem likely the two will wver race again, secretly Thomas and Bertie would like to race a gain some day.





The Railway Stories - Thomas and Bertie

The Railway Stories - Thomas and Bertie

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