Thomas and the Guard

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Tank Engine Thomas Again

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December 23 2012

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Thomas and the Guard is the fourth episode of the eighth season


Thomas the Tank Engine is enjoying his new life of running hs branchline, of which he is very proud of and considers that it is the most important part of the railway. Thomas has two new coaches called Annie and Clarabel, that both agrees with him and Thomas loves them both very much despite them both being old and needing new paint. When Thomas takes them along the line, Annie can only take passengers and Clarabel can only take passengers, luggage and the guard. Thomas often sings to each other while taking trains and journeys often proceed smoothly. Annie and Clarabel know how important pleasing the Fat Controller is to Thomas and whenever he is cross he is not cross with them. He gets very cross with the main line engines that makes him late.

One day, Thomas got very cross as he had to wait at the junction for Henry who is running late (and not for the first time), so that he can pick up passengers. Eventually, Henry feebly arrived and complained to Thomas that his system is not working properly and Thomas tells Henry that he is too fat that he needs excercise, but Henry's only problem is his own laziness. Lots of passengers got out of Henry's train and went into Annie and Clarabel and Thomas, who was keen to be on time, left the station as his guard blew his whistle, but the guard has fallen on an old lady's umbrella and felt flat on his face. By the time he picked himself up, Thomas was well on his way out of the station.

Thomas sings to his coaches as usual, but Clarabel did not sing and felt very upset that she has left her guard behind. Annie tries to tell Thomas that they haven't got a guard aboard, but Thomas was hurrying and wouldn't listen. Annie and Clarabel tries to put their brakes, but they couldn't without the guard. Eventually Thomas stops when he reaches a signal set to "Danger". He and his crew wait to find out what is the matter from the guard, but he does not come and Annie and Clarabel finally cry that he has been left behind.





The Railway Series - Thomas And The Guard

The Railway Series - Thomas And The Guard

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