Thomas in Trouble

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March 5 2013

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Toby the Tram Engine

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Thomas in Trouble is the tenth episode of the eighth season.


One day, Thomas was leaving the quarry at the end of his branch line with both trucks and Annie and Clarabel. The rails at the quarry runs alongside the road, so Thomas is always careful at this point in this run and he whistles carefully to make sure no one is hurt. Thomas also saw a policeman on his bike and he is becoming friendly with the policemen. He whistles good morning to him, but the policemen was not in the mood of being friendly with Thomas

The policeman was very cross with Thomas for whistling after muttering over not getting much sleep last night. He then points to Thomas and claims to him that he is breaking the law by not having his cowcatchers and sideplates fitted. Thomas gets very angry and his driver tells the police officer that they have never had an annicent befure, but the police officer claims that it makes things worse, and he wrote "regular law breaker" in his notebook for Thomas. Thomas then continues sadly to the station because the policeman is not being friendly with him at all.

The Fat Controller was at the dining room having his breakfast when suddely a butler came in and told The Fat Controller that a phone is ringing. He then answered the phone and has heard all about Thomas's incident with the policeman. After that, he quickly drank his coffee, got dressed and rushed off to the station. When The Fat Controller got to the station, he wwas told all about what has happened, and the policeman who refuses to back down whilist staying loyal to his duties. The Fat Controller agrees that Thomas would have to have his cowcatchers and sideplates fitted, but Thomas felt offended and thinks that everyone would laugh at him for being like a tram. This comment causes the Fat Controller to be reminded of Toby, making him realise that he needed a tram engine on sodor, so he tells the policeman all about how Toby does a lot of hard work to buses and lorries, and so The Fat Controller writes a letter to his controller asking if he could be sent to Sodor.




The Railway Stories - Thomas In Trouble

The Railway Stories - Thomas In Trouble

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