Toad Stands By
Toad stands by



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February 7 2013

Railway Series Book

Oliver the Western Engine

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Toad Stands By is the seventh episode of the eighth season.


When Oliver came back from the works to be mended, the trucks, including S.C. Ruffey sang rude songs. The engines felt so cross, ordering the trucks to be quiet, but since they cannot be everywhere at once, the trucks just continue singing where they are not at.

Toad the brake van felt so worried about Oliver's accident on the turntable, and so he speaks to Douglas and asks him to have a chat with Oliver and give him an idea. Oliver was very responsible for whatever the trucks have done to him, and so he has agreed with what Toad has said. Toad advises Oliver to teach S.C. Ruffey a lesson if he starts the nonsense, but before that he handles his trucks two by two. Oliver shunts S.C. Ruffey and his lieutenants as he was prepared to pull him, but S.C. Ruffey whispers to Oliver to hold back, and Oliver was determined to use his strength against the trucks, and then he starts pulling S.C. Ruffey apart, much to the horror of the trucks and the delight of Duck and Toad.Sir Topham Hatt scrutinizes the remains of S.C. Ruffey’s rebuild due to his poor fatigue and decides to repair him so that he can earn himself a better name.Sometime later,the trucks become fearful of Oliver and whisper at each other to not anger him.S.C. Ruffey,who is now repaired,wisely remains silent.



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The Railway Series - Toad Stands By

The Railway Series - Toad Stands By

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