Troublesome Trucks



Release Date

November 2 2012

Railway Series Book

James the Red Engine

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James and the Top Hat

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Toby and the Stout Gentlemen

Troublesome Trucks is the seventh episode of the seventh season.


After having made a hole in one of his coaches and getting into trouble, James has been left alone in the shed and hasn't seen the Fat Controller for several days. He was feeling sad and started crying, thinking that he would never be allowed to go out of the sheds, due to his incident. However, The Fat Controller finnaly came back to see James and explains to him that his recent behaviour has caused a lot of trouble for the railway. James felt so ashamed of himself and sincerley apologises to The Fat Controller for whatever he has done. The Fat Controller forgives James and asks him to pull the trucks for him. James felt very happy and sets off to work.

At the station, Thomas came




The Railway Series - Troublesome Trucks

The Railway Series - Troublesome Trucks

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