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Twins Falling Apart is the eleventh episode of the eighteenth season.

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Donald and Douglas are Scottish twins. They are practical, peppery, and proud and are mostly seen working together.

One day, Donald and Douglas are chuffing down the line with a goods train. Trevor struggles with a cart of hay, which gets stuck on a crossing after one of the wheels of the cart falls off. Donald sees the cart, but they cannot stop, and Donald hits the cart. No one is hurt, but Donald blames Douglas. The twins refuse to speak to each other, and when The Fat Controller needs an engine to help Duck at the shunting yards, Donald jumps at the opportunity.

At first, Donald enjoys working with Duck, but eventually, things start to go wrong, as Duck does not understand Donald and Douglas' way of working. Meanwhile, Douglas is doing work on his own, and is beginning to miss Donald. That night, Douglas' driver takes him to visit Donald. Donald snootily asks if he came to say he's sorry, which brings Douglas' bad mood back.

The next day, Donald is also in a bad mood and was not looking where he is going while reversing, and despite a warning from Duck, breaks through some buffers and into a ditch. His driver is cross and claims that this would not have happened if he was working with Douglas. Donald admits defeat and Duck, knowing that he is unable to pull Donald back on the rails, hurries to get help from Douglas. Soon, Douglas pulls Donald back on the rails. Donald thanked Douglas and tries to make up for their trouble, but Douglas claimed he's sorry. Then Donald talks back, claiming he's actually sorry. Duck chuckles and tells them to not have a row on who is to blame for their troubles and to just be happy they are back together. The twins properly make up in the end and, as Duck predicted, are glad to be together again.

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