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July 16 2014

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Woolly Bear is the tenth episode of the twelfth season.


In Summertime, a long hay has been growing beside the line and the gangers cuts it and rakes it into pieces to dry in the sun. Percy then collects the hay into the empty trucks and carries them to the station. Then he delivers them to Toby, and Toby carries the hay to the hills for the farmers to feed the animals.

When Percy came to the station one morning, he starts to tease Thomas for thinking he was a ghost. Thomas then tells Percy that he is a "green caterpillar with red stripes" which makes Percy very angry. Thomas then aska Percy that who was being late every afternoon, and Percy tells him that it's the hay that is making him late, but Thomas wasn't interested in Percy's excuses and then he tells Percy that The Fat Controller has asks him to keep it, but can't if Percy crawls in it, and then leaves.

Percy grumbles to himself that he is only late every afternoon by few minutes, but worthless he and his driver decides to leave the station early and go to the harbour to leave the trucks. As Percy got to the harbout, a loose crate of treacle that was hanging over him drops and splatters all over Percy. The workmen at the harbour tries to clean him up, but Percy was still very sticky when he leaves.

As soon as Percy came to the hill where the kay was laying, the wind caused the hay to blow over the track and Percy. His wheels slipped on the slippery hay as he must wait for the line to be cleared. While he waits, the wind blew some of the hay onto Percy and sticks to his boiler where the sticky treacle spattered.

At the station, Thomas was waiting impatiently for Percy who was late. As Percy came into the station, the passengers laughed as they saw him covered in hay, and Thomas laughs when he sees Percy the caterpillar crawled out of the hay. Percy does not know what Thomas is talking about, but Thomas tells him that seeing Percy like this is worth being late.

When Percy came back to the shed, his driver has shown him what he looks like in a mirror. Now Percy knew that everyone was laughing at him, stating that he looks like a woolly bear, and so Percy asks his driver to clean him before Toby comes. He didn't even know that Thomas has told Toby all about it. In the end, it does not matter as by the time Toby and Thomas arrive, Percy is still a long way from being cleaned causing the two to make jokes about woolly bear caterpillars. Percy does not find these jokes very funny at all.


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