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John Blessing

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March 31 2013

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Main Line Engines

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Wrong Road is the fourteenth episode of the eighth season.


Thomas and Edward's branch lines are very important as they both bring in valuable traffic, but thir tracks and bridges re not as strong as the ones on the main line, which means that The Fat Controller does not allow main line engines to run on them. Although it is for safety, Gordon thinks that the rule is for another reason entirely.

One day, Gordon complained to Edward about BoCo being allowed to pull Main Line trains at where he is only suppose to work on the branchline. Edward joked and tells Gordon that BoCo would let him pull his train of trucks, but Gordon felt so horrified and refuses to pull BoCo's dirty trucks. Edward says that it would be anice change, but Gordon claims that The Fat Controller wouldn't agree with it and states that branch lines are vulgar before snorting off, followed by an amused Edward.

Every evening, Edward and Gordon takes late-night trains to the station. Gordon takes the express along the main line, while Edward leaves five minutes later with a branch line train. Everythings go as good as usual, but there was trouble when an old lady wearing a green floppy hat was saying goodbye to her friend, sitting in the coach near the Guard's Van. When it was nearly time for Gordon to leave, the fireman looked back and sees something green waving. He thinks it was the guard who is waving the green flag, but it was the lady with her green hat moving. As a result, Gordon started off and left some luggage, several passengers and the Guard. They were all stranded on the platform and very cross. Every evening, the two fast trains leaves the station within five minutes which means Gordon's train for the main line leaves at 6:25, where as Edward'd train for the branchline leaves at 6:30.

Eventually, Gordon felt so embarassed as he was brought back to the station and stopped and Edward's train was overdue. The Fat Controller became very stern with Gordon for missing his 'path', and then tells him that he muse clear Edward's train before he can start.


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The Railway Series - Wrong Road

The Railway Series - Wrong Road

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